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A check-up at Woking Dental Care involves more than a quick look. We give you time as you deserve our full attention and not be rushed.

If you have any problems please let us know. Should you have any concerns about the way your teeth look please feel free to discuss them with us. We are here to help you.

We may check your glands, facial muscles and jaw joints to make sure they are healthy. We will then check you gum health and condition of the teeth. This will be carefully recorded in our specialised dental software. Gum health is very important as we now know it may increase your risk for things like heart disease and stroke.

We will note the work that has been done on your teeth and also make a record of problems that need treatment. If needed we will take x-rays to look "inside" the teeth. X-rays are helpful but unfortunately will not always pick up problems if there is early decay hence we recommend regular check ups.

We will then discuss our findings with you and if possible provide you a range of options. Please let us know if you have any questions as we are more than happy to help you.


Oral hygiene

Dental hygiene treatment is delivered by a dental hygienist who will help to remove any plaque from your teeth that may have built up in certain areas. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes, this process is also known as scaling and polishing. An important aspect of the hygienist's role is to show you how to look after your teeth so they remain free from plaque. You will be advised on the best brushing technique and given tips on flossing and using interdental brushes.

Dental hygiene at the dental practice also forms part of treating gum disease and bad breath. If you have a bridge, denture, orthodontic treatment or a dental implant you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with.

It is recommend that you come in for regular hygiene appointments to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

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